Here’s what people are saying about Red Goddess Rising :


“a travel memoir filled with humor and heart.” 

– Sheri (read the entire review on )


“Your memoirs are Alive with Light and Power”
Jeht Matous , Lionwood Productions


“I read the book and was inspired, informed and entertained. Halle is a great writer and weaves her personal Egyptian adventures with tidbits of information and understanding of the Egyptian culture. Definitely check it out.”

– Rev. Ayanna Mojica, Founder, Director at  The Golden Chalice Mystery School


“I love your book..will treasure it forever!”
– Marjie Grenchfield, traveler, artist, spiritual seeker

“Reliving Halle’s memorable experiences, through her charming collection of ‘stand alone’ chapters, while I was in the midst of experiencing all the same people, places and adventures, brought a special enchantment to my unforgettable and unparalleled trip. A true Egyptian treasure!”

– Carla Weiss, M.D., Neonatologist and Spiritual Traveler


[quote style=”1″]”This book has so much meaning to me – I’m with you in these stories! The humor, the memories… this is divinely inspired!”
– Carolyn Solton, Owner, Healing NRG


“She says, ‘Many people think they come here for a vacation, when they really come to heal a hole in their hearts.’ Whether cooking an incredible Thanksgiving dinner in Egypt or attending a memorial for a friend, Halle creates a spiritual zone around her. ‘Our lives are braided like DNA, and we so often fail to recognize that we are here, not by ourselves, not with our spouse, our children, our friends, but with everyone we touch, and everyone they touch and, by extension, the whole world.’
While reading this book, you will enjoy a trip to Egypt and quite possibly to your inner self.” 

– Lisa Niver Rajna, co-founder,  We Said Go Travel


“This is a vivid, engaging and unexpectedly humorous account of one woman’s adventures, spiritual and otherwise, in Egypt. Halle in disarmingly honest and unpretentious as she captures highlights of her numerous journeys through Egypt and weaves them together in such a way that you feel you are experiencing them right along side her. This is true whether you are exploring the mysterious interior of the Great Pyramid, sharing a meal cooked over the fire with Bedouins out in the desert, or dealing with the all too human need for a potty break in an uninviting setting.
– Carolyn Handler Miller (read the entire review on


“Reading Red Goddess Rising is like touring your inner self. Halle points out the signposts on her personal journey and thereby reveals directions to her readers that may help them understand their own lives. Whether galloping across desert sands in Cairo or carefully climbing a narrow track up Mt. Moses on the back of a camel, Halle’s adventurous spirit and enquiring mind carry us along with humor, song, and a never-ending flow of fresh insights. Glance through the chapter titles and you will easily see that you are about to embark on a most unusual journey through Egypt. Whether you think the Red Goddess of the title is Halle or Hathor, your enjoyment and understanding of the land of the Pharaohs will increase manyfold as mine did. RGR is a great read, an easy read, one that will warm your very soul.” 

– Don Schecter (read the entire review on )


“I loved this book. Halle has a fabulous way of weaving the humorous moments with the solemn spiritual moments that will have you up giggling late into the night. If you are considering a journey to Egypt, this is a must read.” 

– Anahata Photography (read the entire review on )


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